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A pictorial review of Monash Chorale events in 2017

Red Faces Night - Feburary

Monash Chorale ran another fun "Red Faces" social evening in Feburary. The range of talents within the choir is amazing — many vocal solos and duets (some more tasteful than others), several poems, and lots of instrumental items for various combinations (including our resident boomwhackers).

Blanche and Malcolm: "How could you?" Jim sings Rosie's Song, accompanied by Roger and Graeme
Graeme is the Pirate King Boomwhackers!
Mary and Libby sing Vesper Hymn, accompanied by Joy Brian, Michelle, Bev and Robyn got rhythm!
John's musical under-birthday-pants A choral orchestra performs Jazz Waltz No. 2

First Concert - "Pirates of Penzance"

The instrumentalists, ready to play!

"Pour, oh pour the pirate sherry."

Ruth explains how she accidentally apprenticed Frederick to a pirate, rather than a pilot.

"Hurrah for the Pirate King!"

Frederick accuses Ruth of playing on his innocence.

"Climbing over rocky mountains..."

'Tis Mabel!

Mabel and Frederick seranade one another while her sisters talk about the weather.

He is the very model of a modern Major General.

"I am an orphan boy."

Act 1 Finale.


A most ingeneous paradox!

Frederick explains to Mabel that she must wait for him for 63 years.

Act 2 Finale.

Pirate treasure!

Our Music in Earlier Years

Our music includes classical to modern music, Christmas carols to folk songs as well as major choral works. The choir also performs with orchestral and theatre groups.

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