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A pictorial review of Monash Chorale events in 2015

Review - Feburary

On a Saturday evening early in February, Monash Chorale held a fun night for performers within the choir to showcase their skills. As you can see from the photos, many members participated presenting a wide variety of items; many others came along to watch and listen. This social start to the year will now become an annual fixture!

Compare Roy Monash Chorale's own orchestra
Christine and Roger Solo from Helena with help from Roy Oh No John!
Bell Ringers Marion Swinging Low
Duet from Ken and Mary Part of the audience
Cat Duet with Blanche and Fiona Anne being brave Marion recites a poem

First Concert - "Monash in May"

Before the concert, ready to go.

Second Concert - "Spring Classics" - our 20th anniversary concert!

Before the concert. "Happy Birthday!"

The choir and supporting artists La Fraternita di Solisti.

Guest artist Frederick Shade.

Frederick Shade with Joy during Ralph Vaughan Williams' Fantasy on Greensleeves.

Robin, our longest serving chorister, cutting the birthday cake.

Third Concert - "Christmas Joy"

Before the concert.

Singing Christmas carols.

The brass band blows up a storm.

Oratorio de Noël by Saint-Saëns.

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