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A pictorial review of Monash Chorale events in 2011

First Concert - "I'm Gonna Sing"

Winter Workshops 2011

Workshop day, in preparation for our all-Mozart program in August.

Second Concert - "Spring Classics"

Monash Chorale before our Mozart "Spring Classics" program in August. The choir was accompanied by orchestra and four vocal soloists.

Trefoil Guild Performance

A group from Monash Chorale performed for Bellburn Trefoil Guild at their hall in Blackburn South in September.

Redeemer Advent Service

Many choir members sang an Advent Service in Redeemer Lutheran Church in late November. The church is our rehearsal venue and the choir looks forward to this service each year.

Monash Chorale at Iwaki Auditorium

Monash Chorale performing a bracket of spirituals in Iwaki Auditorium in December.

Queen Symphony

The choir was delighted to be invited to sing Queen Symphony with Grainger Wind Symphony in Iwaki Auditorium in December. The concert was an inspiring experience.

Carolling in Centro the Glen in December

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